System will send commercial text messages

System will send SMS messages from your company
Have a special system to send text messages on behalf of your company
The system allows you to send text messages to any number of numbers with a single click
You can archive and save all numbers according to groups.
A number can be sent on its own, in an Excel file, or in an added set to a number of saved numbers.
Send a message with your company's business name
It can be used in every country of the world and sent to all countries.
costs, especially for very good messages in Turkey
Private companies are working to send mobile messages on behalf of the company
Each company has its own trade name
Numbers can be grouped by groups
Full archiving of all numbers and messages
A message can be sent to a number on its own
Or download an Excel file with an unlimited number of numbers
Or save numbers and send them directly
Every company gets its own username and password
Each company can choose three trade names
Documents required to open the system
Identity and passport
Tax stamp
Signature Circulars
Operating certificate
These newspapers ask the company
The balance should be filled 1000 TL for the first time.
Internal message worth 4
The foreign message price of each country is different
For further information please contact