Vendor Management Services ShamCom

Shamcom Company offers commission sales system
There is a special system for sellers to follow their claims and protect their rights.
By bringing in customers interested in the services the company offers
And use the percentage of each category requested
Services provided by System Inc
I shamco. I aymenteleco
Web Design, Management Software and System Management
Ikeat's pages, support for social media images and followers
The system is designed for companies to send text messages on behalf of companies.
Mobile lines on behalf of companies and individuals SIM card Turkceel and Türk Telekom
Installation of internet lines in all regions and all companies
Cool Center installation for companies
Regular landline and internet VoIP
Everything from the establishment of software and communication accessories to the companies
All Internet based receiver devices for Arabic channels
Arabic codes and subscriptions for all encrypted channels
I have a health service site, a real estate site, and a commercial site
For all services in Turkish territory
Sales points, vendors and large centers are required
To connect to a number